Leeds And Liverpool Canal

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The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is the longest man made waterway in Britain, but this walk focuses on the Aire Valley section, starting in the busy heart of Leeds and ending in the tranquil upland pastures of East Marton. The towpath makes for a beautiful walk, strolling amidst an endless variety of scenery, seeing how this 'green corridor' is a protected haven for a host of plants and wildlife.

We meet the past regularly along its banks, with a growing sense of awe at the feats of engineering that went into the canal's construction, the Bingley 'Five Rise' is deservedly listed as one of the 'Seven Wonders' of the Waterways World.

Towns and Villages along the route are visited, including Skipton and its Castle, East Riddlesden Hall, Kirkstall Abbey and Museum and the World Heritage Site at Salts Mill. Helicoptor footage gives a unique overview of the canal's pathway.

There are live interviews with characters met along the way, those just passing through and those who have made the canal central to their way of life. The film is an invitation to join this relaxed atmosphere - ambling along, enjoying the countryside from a different prospective, discovering places you'd never see from a car.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 55 minutes

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