With Orod And Dessy

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Learn those tough dips and lifts.
Multiple spins and footwork tips.
Partner work and sexy styling.
Romantic leans and drops.

Advanced dancing is not how many complicated moves you can fit in one dance, but how well the moves flow to the music and how they are executed.

This DVD gives you the foundation to perform even the most complicated routines safely and with elegance. These dips, leans, lifts and drops are fantastic way of expressing yourself.


A full time Latin dance teacher since 1989, Orod is a master in Cuban Miami Salsa, Lambada, Merengue and Samba Reggae. Having taught workshops worldwide, he decided to contribute to Salsa by creating a full set of signals, link new steps, combinations and techniques.


Since 1995, Dessy has been teaching and dancing Salsa, Merengue, Lambada and Argentinean Tango. As one of the first teachers to introduce women to Ladies Styling techniques in the UK, Dessy loves to expose her students to the latest fashions in addition to the traditional styles.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes

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