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Discover the world of fine art with the people who made it happen.

Arata Isokai - The architect of the Museum of Contemporary Art, reveals the motivation of the design of his symbolically imaginative buildings.

Eui Kyu Kim - The renowned Korean Artist, who creates spiritual canvases that emphasise the curves and contours of the body.

Ed Ruscha - Considered to be one of the first modern artists who embraced the impersonality of billboard advertising to philosophise about the arbitrariness of the painted and printed expression.

Bob Branaman - A distinguished film-maker, print-maker and painter whose work encompasses a broad and eclectic range of subject matter, from the treatment of the aboriginal people in America, to his love of the female form.

Don Williams - Using the medium of pastel in realistic fashion by documenting his surroundings with a camera and incorporating the photographs into hauntingly realistic pastels.

The Fauves - An overview of the sensation that this group created in art during the early 1900's and the lasting influence they have even today.

Sam Francis - A montage of Francis's watercolours at the hight of his popularity, reviewed by Andre Emmerlich.

Man Ray - Ranging from the sublime to the bizarre, Man Ray was a visionary in contemporary art. His fine and graphic art was innovative and his photography continually went beyond all accepted boundaries. He is still an art icon 30 years after his death.

Aurobora Press - Housed in one of downtown San Francisco's oldest buildings, this turn of the century firehouse has been revived as a living studio where artists can work through their inspiration in a nurturing, comfortable setting.

Richard Pousette-Dart - One of the original Abstract Expressionists who now enjoys the notoriety that his New York contemporaries have long experienced. Often termed 'painterly' abstraction, learn how Pousette's work expresses an evocative field of colour hinting at myth, ritual and psychological themes.

Wrapped In Glory - The tale of how American history has been recorded, stitch by stitch, in rare and beautiful quilts that demonstrate how utility meets art.

The Eight - A survey of paintings by the group of 'Eight' who broke away from the established traditions of American art and imposed an influence that remains present even today.

Andre Emmerlich - Perhaps the world's most famous art dealer candidly reveals the relationship between the artist and the dealer, and the myth of the discovered artist.

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