Light And Composition
Philip Dunn

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Buy former Sunday Times travel photographer Philip Dunn's Better Photography DVD, Light and Composition now and start seeing the difference it makes to your photographs immediately.

In this inspiring film, tutorial Philip Dunn teaches photographers of all levels how to capture professional quality pictures.

With his unique, hands-on training style Philip explains and demonstrates the most vital aspects of good photography – an understanding of light – it's direction, quality and colour. He reveals many of the  secrets of good image composition learnt from over 40 years as a professional, award-winning photographer.

This original photography DVD has helped thousands of photographers understand photography and produce better photographs.

  • Practical, fun, non-technical tuition
  • Real-life, no-nonsense photo shoots
  • Work alongside a true professional 
  • Dozens of example photographs
  • Get more from every photo-opportunity
  • Learn how to creat images with Impact

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes

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