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The Bronte Way is a trail stretching from Oakwell Hall at Birstall, West Yorkshire to Gawthorpe Hall at Padiham in Lancashire. "Bronte Ways" takes us along this walk enjoying some spectacular scenery and visiting the many places connected to the lives and literary works of the Bronte family.

Part One of the "Bronte Ways" traced the family's life from Thornton to Haworth, looking at the various sites connected to the "Shirley" story. Part Two begins with a more thorough look at Haworth exploring the many places involved in the lives of the Brontes, such as the Black Bull Inn, the Apothecary and the looming presence of the church graveyard.

We then journey up to Top Withins to experience the landscape and atmosphere which inspired "Wuthering Heights" before passing Ponden Hall and crossing the Pennines to the beautiful village of Wycoller featured in "Jane Eyre". We venture deeper into Lancashire under the watchful eye of Pendle Hill, home to the notorious Pendle Witches. The film ends in the splendid surroundings of Gawthorpe Hall, the former home of the Kay-Shuttleworth family who Charlotte visited on several occasions.

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