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In this, the last of the three programmes in the series, you'll get an idea of what it would really be like to be considered an advanced shot. Although you are now at a pretty competent level, the title "advanced shot" is still best reserved for characters like those that will be teaching you today.

The first part of the programme is filmed at Edge Hill Shooting Grounds where you will see Carl Bloxham the former World Champion in the English Sporting discipline, putting some pretty good shots (young and old) through their paces. Carl analyses faults that have crept into their styles and passes on tips to improve consistency. He is ably assisted by Phil Coley the performance enhancement specialist and they will be taking you through a variety of targets.

We then move on with our old friend Liam Dale who has a lesson in the finer points of shooting DTL. What better venue than Chatcombe Estate Shooting School and what better tutor than the former England International coach Ian Coley. To begin with Ian explains the differences between a trap gun, which is more suited to DTL and Liam's normal sporting gun. The differences conceded, Liam borrows a trap gun and visits the pattern plate to establish exactly where it shoots. See how with expert coaching Ian helps Liam to adapt to this different type of discipline.

With the aid of a "gun cam" (a camera mounted on the rib of a gun) Ian explains the different gun hold positions and demonstrates when to mount and where to shoot at each bird from the various stations. Also in this selection there is a very useful segment showing the most common faults for you to avoid.

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