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So, Liam Dale has put into practice the things he learnt in our first programme and is now hitting a respectable percentage of the targets he shoots at. He now understands the importance of safety and a lot of the more technical aspects of the sport. It's time to return to the Shalden Shooting School in Devon and to get top coach Rod Brammer to take him onto the next level.

Rod will be explaining to Liam how to master some of the more tricky targets; one of which proves to be a real tester for our improving shot. Whilst Liam regroups from a difficult target, we catch sight of his wheelchair-bound friend Andy Beadsley, expertly performing on the driven pheasant stand.

To introduce his pupil to a little competitive pressure, Rod suggests that Liam should shoot a "head to head" with Jacky Coote on the driven grouse stand. Boys against girls... just shows this sport can be enjoyed by everyone. (For those of you who've participated in sporting shooting for a while, you will no doubt recognise the voice of that great character Chris Craddock who adds his expert comment to their performances but who has sadly passed away since this programme was filmed).

In preparation for the real thing, we end the programme with Liam putting down his over and under, picking up a side by side and shooting at simulated coveys of driven partridge. For good measure, there's even a demonstration from Rod on how to clean your gun properly when you've finished shooting.

This being the second programme in a trilogy of clay shooting DVDs, we hope you will now have gained enough knowledge and are ready to step up to the last in the series; Clay Shooting for the Advanced Shot. Here you'll get top tips from none other than the English Sporting, former World Champion Carl Bloxham, Phil Coley a performance enhancement specialist and with the aid of the "gun cam" have a lesson in DTL with former England International coach Ian Coley.

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