27 Years Of Supersonic Flight

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A tribute to Concorde featuring the most comprehensive and fascinating collection of modern day footage of Concorde.

  • Concorde Around The World:

A trip around the world is the ultimate travel experience. To do it at twice the speed of sound on a privately chartered Concorde however, is a mere dream for most of us. Follow the cameras aboard, and from the ground as this extraordinary journey takes in a wide range of destinations. Follow in the footsteps of these exclusive travellers as they journey from the buzzing streets of Manhattan to the tranquilty of the South Seas. From the Sydney Opera House to the magic of the Orient. From the streets of India crowded with humanity, to the plains of Africa teeming with wildlife. And lastly from Petra, the jewel of the Middle East, to the canals and beautiful architecture of Venice, Europe's most romantic capital. Join us on this rare and ultimately exclusive journey that even most Concorde pilots can only dream of.

  • Concorde In The 21st Century:

A stylish and thrilling programme that follows the BA fleet across the globe to destinations as wide ranging as New York, Barbados, Jordan, Egypt and Lapland. An extremely action packed and comprehensive programme that includes pilots eye views from the cockpit during many take offs and landings.

  • Concorde - The New Era:

A fascinating insight into this extraordinary aircraft including a behind the scenes look at the modifications after the tragic Paris crash in July 2000. Also features the last ever regional charter flights across the UK including some unique and never to be repeated footage.

  • Base Training:

Full un-cut footage of Concorde at Shannon, where new pilots take control of the supersonic jet for the first time. Footage includes airside 'touch and go' landings from many different camera angles along the runway and from the control tower.

  • The Concorde Story:

An in-depth audio documentary, plus 'Fom the flight deck'.

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Running Time: 240 minutes

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