Autumn & Winter

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Writer Brian Carter's love and respect for the moor shines through in this beautiful, evocative and richly informative film. The cinematography, both aerial and ground based brings to bear the sheer beauty, the sense of timelessness, the freedom, solitude, challenge, inspiration and magic of Dartmoor.

As Autumn rust brown replaces green on the moor and the days shorten, the annual 'drift' takes place as men on motorcycles round up the Dartmoor ponies yet the quarry work at Merrivale and Meldon carries on as does the military manouvers with the screaming jets resounding over the moor.

Shrouded in Winter mist with a cruel wind whipping over the barren ground, life at Dartmoor Prison goes on as rescue teams search for those trapped in snow and ice; but with the thaw the first lambs are born and the salmon fight their way upstream to spawn.

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Running Time: 100 minutes

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