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The best step-by-step guide for anyone learning to dance, or who has ever wanted to try.

This DVD gives you everything you need to become a confident dance partner at any social function. Just follow in the steps of former UK Pro Ballroom Champions, Simon and Heidi Cruwys, your personal tutors guiding you through the Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Tango.

Simon and Heidi also explain fully how to use the DVD and guide you through the menu. After each step-by-step lesson, a combination routine shows you how to put all the steps together, and there are also additional music tracks to give you extra entertainment and practise.

The DVD technology allows a truly interactive learning experience. You can loop 'dance routines', 'practice steps', automatically view an on-screen counter to help with timing and rhythm, and choose either the Gentleman, Lady or Couples role.

Simon and Heidi also offer helpful advice and tips for beginners including warming up, leading, following, holding, how to avoid common mistakes, where to get the right clothes and where to look for venues to show off your new skills. Who knows where this may lead!

To give you a flavour of the passion of Ballroom dancing, we've included a free 'professional' performance by Simon and Heidi, as well as a sequence of more advance routines to be taught in the forthcoming DVD's in the 'Discover Dance' series.

Special Features include:

Gentleman, Lady, Couples role option - Interactive menu - On-screen counting - Repeat function for practise steps and dance routines - Tips and advice - Additional music tracks - Professional show - Bonus routines from the next 'Discover Dance' DVD.

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