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The ancient art of oriental dance has a long and colorful history. It began with the many fertility cults of the ancient world, and in the temples of ancient India. The existence of various nomadic groups of professional entertainers, and groups specifically identified with Gypsies, provided for the cross-culturization and transmission of these dances. Although regional variations have always existed, the popularity of what is commonly known as 'oriental dance' or 'belly dance' continues in this ancient dance despite cultural and moral prejudices is a tribute to the appeal it has to the human spirit as the women and men who dance today do so for very practical reasons: because it is enjoyable, it is excellent. In other words, for fun, fitness and friendship.

Hilary Thacker is a renowned professional Egyptian-style 'belly dancer' performing and teaching throughout the UK and Middle East and for use in the privacy of your own home Hilary has designed a unique tutorial that can be used as an advanced video or simply as a performance video to sit back and enjoy.

Filmed with live Egyptian music - Haggag Metqal on tabla, Essam ElMatrawi on douf and AlGamal ElSaghir on keyboards - Hilary explores four rhythms - Whada Kebira, Maqsoum, saaidi and Fellahi, first with drums alone and then set to music. Also featured are the songs Na'asa and Baladi with taqasim and drum solo and beginners finger cymbal instruction.

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