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Getting Started

Get started playing electric guitar and have fun doing it! The key to success on a new instrument is motivation, and this lesson has you making cool music immediately - inspiring you (or your kids) to practice and improve quickly.

After introducing you to the parts of the instrument and demonstrating how to tune up, get good tone, hold the pick properly and play your first chords, Adam Traum gets beginners playing a groovy lick that will take you through an entire blues/rock chord progression in the key of E. You'll learn the basics of soloing and simple improvisation on single and double strings using bluesy riffs that you can "mix and match". Adam and Martin Keith provide rhythm backup for practicing your newly learned licks. Then, it's onto the key of A and a standard Chuck Berry rock 'n' roll rhythm pattern using one-finger chords and a right-hand damping effect.

By the time you finish this starter lesson, you'll be playing bluesy grooves and will be ready to move onto more skills and techniques.

Adam Traum

Adam Traum is a guitarist, guitar teacher, songwriter and professional photographer living in Sonoma County, California. A versatile musician who grew up in a musical family, he plays mandolin, bass and lap steel as well as guitar. He has been performing in clubs and festivals for 18 years, playing richly textured Americana roots music with a wide array of influences, including country blues, rockabilly and bluegrass.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 80 minutes

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