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This comprehensive guide is for those using or interested in commercial ploughs and ploughing. Beginning with a review of types and makes of multi-furrow plough, the DVD then follows the preparation and field procedures involved in good reversible ploughing.

Modern ploughs and available accessories are shown before we move into the farmyard where ploughman Keith Williams prepares and adjusts his plough for work.

Ploughing techniques including headland marking, field procedures and the fine-tuning of adjustments are covered in detail. Attention is also paid to the common ploughing faults and how to rectify them.

The DVD concludes with a film of the British National Ploughing Championships which gives an insight into the skills and precision of match ploughing using both conventional and reversible ploughs.

The detailed script is by Brian Bell, with technical advice from Michael Alsop of Dowdeswell Engineering. The programme is narrated by Chris Opperman.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 50 minutes

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