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The town of King's Lynn lies on the banks of the River Ouse and is surrounded by rich farming land. It's key position as a market produce and as a centre for export meant it was at the heart of the local agricultural industry. It is also uniquely placed between the loamy soils of the uplands and the dark peat of the fen.

Over the years, the landscape has changed dramatically, most notably during the large scale drainage of the fenland. This made previously un-usable swamp land the most productive agricultural land in the country. However, whilst draining of the fen brought more land into production, it also created problmes for the farmers.

There have been many changes in the farming industry. Working methods have moved from hand worked strip farming during medieval periods to the intensive mechanical methods used today. Transportation has also adapted from horse drawn wagons across rutted droves to trains taking milk to London.

Over the years agriculture has continually developed and changed, and this is illustrated in this documentary.

An Audrey Muriel Stratford Charitable Trust Presentation by Robert Fuller Associates.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 58 minutes

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