Intermediate & Advanced Techniques

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This DVD will help you toward's improving and developing your skill at fly fishing and techniques in the art of making your own flies. Your tutors are renowned UK fisherman Bob 'The Master' Carnhill and Terry Thomas, popular author and fisherman.

Tutorial 1

Fishing in spring on Rutland Water and River Derwent. Spring is a challenging time for fishermen and using the correct fly for the conditions is the key to landing a successful catch. Learn how to create the Black Peacock Spider, Pheasant Tail Nymph and the Dog Nobbler.

Tutorial 2

Early summer on Rutland Water and River Derwent. Early summer offers excellent sport and the opportunity to create and use the classic fly's: The Lake Olive, Polyrib Buzzer Pupa, Mayfly Dun, and Spinner.

Tutorial 3

Autumn on lakes and reservoirs. Another season requiring another set of fishing techniques and fly's: Wadhams Floating Fly, Black Tadpole, Tandem Feather Duster, Amber Tagged Wiongless Wickhams and the Montana Nymph.

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Running Time: 180 minutes

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