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Ultimate Guide To Scooters DVD

Whether you're a scooter owner past or present, or even if you've just thought of buying one, Scooter! Will keep you entertained from start to finish. We trace the scooter back to its spiritual home of Italy and visit Florence - scooter capital of the world, and drop in to the Piaggio factory in Pontedera where almost 2000 scooters are produced each day! For scooter fanatics we also visit the Piaggio museum, which contains every major milestone in the famous company's 60 years of scootering history. Back in the UK we follow the Lambretta Club of Great Britain as they celebrate 50 years of the classic scooter with a trip to the Isle of Man. All styles and designs of scooter are on display as the 1200+ members take to the world famous TT course in swarms. Ultimate guide to Scooters celebrates the passion and enjoyment that has created a way of life and has secured the scooter's survival on our roads and in our hearts. This will quickly become 'your ultimate guide'!

Little Book Of Scooters

The scooter can trace its origins right back to the late-19th Century when vehicle invention and experimentation was still in its infancy. But early step through motorised two-wheelers were already finding favour with buyers over the relatively heavier and more cumbersome motorcycle. Throughout the 1920s, many firms were founded to build these lightweight machines but it was not until the 1950s that the scooter, as we know it today, had become an established cheap-to buy, cheap-to-run mode of transport. In the following decade, the scooter was an intrinsic part of a youth movement that encompassed a quite separate genre of music, unique fashion, and a social lifestyle adopted by a large sector of Britain's young adults. Whilst Lambretta and Vespa are now household names, long forgotten makes such as Alwin, James, Kenilworth and Salsbury have all helped to chart the development of this often disparaged slice of motoring history and an iconic era in British popular culture.

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Running Time: 55 minutes
Reading Time: 128 pages

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