The Bass Guitar

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"The musical journey you are embarking on, learning an instrument, is hard work. If anyone tells you different, they're wrong. It is also one of the most exciting, rewarding and fun things to do." Jools Holland

Early origins of the bass guitar; the parts of the instrument and how it works; basic techniques including holding the guitar; body positioning; fingering technique on the fret board and for strumming; rock grip and classical grip; tuning; stringing; using an amplifier; playing the notes A to G and the sharps and flats in between; reading notation; scales; major intervals and movable shapes; sixth notes on the major scale; passing notes; minor patterns; minor sevenths; the blues scale; counting time; tips on choosing a bass guitar. The programme finishes with a performance by Henry Thomas.

The Bass Guitar is presented by Henry Thomas who is a skilled writer, arranger and producer, totally involved in all aspects of the contemporary music scene. He has collaborated, as both writer and musician with Randy Crawford, Billy Ocean, Van Morrison, Hot Chocolate, Bros, Chris de Burgh and Herbie Hancock.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 80 minutes

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