The Clarinet

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"The musical journey you are embarking on, learning an instrument, is hard work. If anyone tells you different, they're wrong. It is also one of the most exciting, rewarding and fun things to do." Jools Holland

The origins of the clarinet; its parts and proper assembly; fitting the reed; how to hold the instrument; finger positions; and ombasure; playing the first note; advice on choosing appropriate student mouthpieces; tonguing; various notes and playing simple tunes; breathing; more notes and scales; reading music and counting time; intervals and rhythm; and the various instruments available in the clarinet family. The programme finishes with a performance by David Bitelli.

The Clarinet is presented by David Bitelli who has worked with Loose Tubes, Elton John, Joe Jackson, Terence Trent D`Arb, Wham, Wet Wet Wet, Orchestra Jazira, Somo Somo, 3 Mustafa 3, Onward International, El Jonido De Lordes, Richard Thompson, Joan Armatrading and Elaine Page.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 97 minutes

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