The Drums

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"The musical journey you are embarking on, learning an instrument, is hard work. If anyone tells you different, they're wrong. It is also one of the most exciting, rewarding and fun things to do." Jools Holland

The various different drums and elements which together make up a complete drum kit; what to look for when buying drum kit and sticks; tuning the kit, basic technique including gripping the sticks; sitting positions; hand & foot strokes; varying the tempo and volume; basic beats and reading drums notation; quarter notes & eighth notes; rock drum rhythm; rests; song form and fills; 12/8 time and 4/4 time triplets and 16th`s as well as many helpful tips and tricks of the trade. The programme finishes with a performance by Geoff Nicholls.

The Drums is presented by Geoff Nicholls whose musicianship led him to co-write, present and play drums on both series of BBC TV's 'Rock School'. He has played in every type of musical situation from reggae to free jazz, from jazz and blues to West End musicals and big bands. He has an extensive history of band membership, recording session work and live tours through Europe and USA.

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Running Time: 111 minutes

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