The Flute

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"The musical journey you are embarking on, learning an instrument, is hard work. If anyone tells you different, they're wrong. It is also one of the most exciting, rewarding and fun things to do." Jools Holland

Posture and breathing; ombasure (lip positioning) and blowing; the parts of their assembly; holding the flute and finger position; helpful tips on taking care of the flute; playing the first notes (B, A, G) and fingering technique; creating simple tunes with those three notes; the pentatonic scale; the second octave; more notes and improvisation including High D; tonguing; drone notes to practise over. The programme finishes with a performance by Eddie Parker.

The Flute is presented by Eddie Parker whose talent has been put to good use collaborating with John Stevens on `Freebop`, Django Bates on `Human Chain`, and most notably the modern Big Band `Loose Tubes` for which he was a major writer. Several of his pieces are recorded on the Band`s third album `Open Letter`.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 85 minutes

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