Pastels Made Simple

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How can one paint in pastel when pastel is essentially a medium used for drawing? The answer to this question lies in understanding the richness and versatility of pastel. Versatile, quick to use, and easy to master, pastels have been a medium of choice for many artists. Let us guide you from blank paper to finished painting.

Your DVD tutors are Barry Watkin, popular British painter and author and Aubrey Phillips, member of the Pastel Society and the Royal West Of England Academy and Gold Medal Winner at the Paris Salon.

Tutorial One:

  • Filmed in the stunning scenery of Somerset, the different aspects of the landscape in conjunction with the sky, water and buildings.

Tutorial Two:

  • Composition when using pastels outdoors.

Tutorial Three:

  • Simplifying the scene. Filmed amongst the breathtaking scenery of the lakes and mountains of mid-Wales.

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Region: 0
Running Time: 75 minutes

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