Steam's Ultimate Speed Machine

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"Mallard's record was the pinnacle of steam and it was the swansong." Anthony Coulls, NRM Senior Curator of Rail Vehicle Collections.

Born of a century's technological development, experience and scientific discovery, Mallard was the greatest steam locomotive ever created. She was not just sleek, powerful and quick; she was also beautiful. Sir Nigel Gresley, the renowned engineer who created her, toured the world seeking the most advanced designs in locomotives to bring back to his workshops and create Mallard.

The Pacific A4 class of locomotive, including most famously Mallard, was developed at a critical point of history: the goldilocks moment, when the age of steam was at its height and before the shadow of the Second World War eclipsed the splendour that had been the railway age.

In the 1930s, two British railway companies (the LNER and the LMS) offered rival services from London to Scotland, but they could not compete on price, the Government had introduced a national ticketing system. What they did instead was usher in the age of elegance and luxury on the rails, in the LNER s case famously with Sir Nigel Gresley s Teaks, probably among the most elegant British railway carriages there ever were.

All the others are just coaches or compartments: Gresley s Teaks are carriages. In addition there was the Race to the North, the unofficial but deadly serious rivalry between LNER and LMS over journey times between London and Scotland. This DVD tells this incredible story. Step inside for the ride of your life.

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