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For novice, advanced and professional runners.

When using a correct running technique, less energy will be needed to maintain a certain tempo. You will be able to run more easily and economically. When your muscles know exactly how to work, then the motion of running will require much less energy. Novice runners experience this more than anyone. In the beginning, the body needs much more energy than after a few weeks. However, even directly at the start, you should know where to direct your attention for a good running technique.

Experienced runners can even improve their performance by focusing on technique during training. It is an essential component of training, both for the novice as well as for the experienced runner. namely, it will determine to an important degree a runner's performance.

DVD 1:

Running techniques, injury prevention, training advices, speed training and efficiency improvement

DVD 2:

Techniques, anatomy, biomechanics, and efficiency training

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Running Time: 290 minutes

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