Timothy Dalton & Lynn Redgrave

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The play tells of the scandalous affair between the Roman general Antony and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Their blind passion which leads to their ultimate downfall and deaths.

This is one of the most complex and most challenging of Shakespeare's plays which on the one hand portrays a dark and intimate analysis of the fatal attraction and individual sexuality, located in the mysterious and sensuous world of ancient Egypt, and on the other, an analysis of public responsibility and the tragedy which ensues from fatal political division.

The issue of the conflict between the private and the public, duty and feeling, the favourite Shakespearean idea originating from his earlier historical plays, has been perfected in Anthony and Cleopatra.

This is a timeless literary piece which is endlessly inspiring, not only in terms of dramaturgy, but also in terms of the world we currently live in.

The play complimented with carefully constructed costumes and an artist reproduction of the Globe Theatre stage. Apart from the female roles performed by actresses, rather than "boy players" and the modern advantages of artificial lighting, the Elizabethan flavour of Shakespeare's own Globe productions are recaptured by staging them just as they were seen in the 16th century whilst using modern English narrative.

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