Dr Paul Lam

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The ancient practice of Tai Chi is clinically proven to be one of the most effective ways to both strengthen and relax your body and mind. Now, award winning instructor Dr Paul Lam takes it to the next level, with a routine which retains the essential principles of Tai Chi - yet can be done in as little as five mintutes!

Because of its intergrated nature, Tai Chi: The 24 Forms provides a comprehensive workout in less time. The movements which strengthen your cardiovascular system for example, also subtly impact the most efficient pathway to better health.

As your personal instuctor, Dr Lam offers:

Precise, step-by-step instruction - close-ups, plus front and back views of each exercise - a breakdown of the core movements, each of which can serve as a mini-workout - six special qigong breathing techniques to dramitically increase your energy levels.

Specially designed for all ages and almost any fitness level, Tai Chi: The 24 Forms will help you uncover a potent new source of personal vitality.

Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, is a world leader in the field of Tai Chi for health improvement. He has worked with medical and Tai Chi experts to produce Tai Chi programs to improve people's health and lifestyle. He is the author of Overcoming Arthritis and a past gold medal winner from the Third Beijing International Competition (1993).

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Running Time: 120 minutes

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