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The Fordson

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The Fordson is the first in a three part tribute to the vast range of Ford tractors built throughout the last 80 years.

It tells the inspiring story of Henry Ford's dream to remove the hard, manual labour of farming from the shoulders of man and beast and place it fair and square on metal, oil and wheels, utilising the new technology of mass production on his revolutionary design of lightweight tractors.

Jonathan and Stephen demonstrate the complete range of Fordsons with the aid of Bill Kemball's comprehensive collection kept at Bentwaters Parks in Suffolk.

Along with extensive footage, both old and new, of working machines and fascinating stories from a former Land Girl reminiscing about her days driving Fordsons in the war, a Sussex farmer still using three Fordsons on his farm today and Mr Kemball giving us a personal insight into the history of his very special collection.

The Fordson's are the tractors that not only helped win wars but also won a place in the hearts of thousands of farmers in the UK and throughout the world – this programme is their story...

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Region: 2
Running Time: 105 minutes
Release Date: 19/07/08

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