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Produced entirely from rare WWII and De Havilland company archive footage this is the story of one of the seminal combat aircraft of World War II, the D.H. 98 Mosquito, which was without peer. It was equally at home at the heady heights required for high altitude reconnaissance as it was skimming tree tops in daring low level precision raids attacking targets with rockets and bombs.

Built in complete secrecy in 1940, the Mosquito was a maverick in concept, being built almost entirely of wood, glue and screws, with very few systems short of the power plant susceptible to battle damage, (the Mosquito had the fewest combat sortie losses of any aircraft in the British Bomber Command), but with the primary assets of versatility, speed and manoeuvrability. The 'Wooden Wonder' carried out virtually every task expected of aircraft in wartime. It was used, in addition to its bomber role for, day and night fighter duties, intruder, fighter-bomber, mine-layer, photo-reconnaissance, dual-control trainer, and as a transport aircraft for both the Dutch and French Resistance movements.

Further, it served on every Front the British Army saw action and even Russia acquired some Mosquito bombers through the Lend-Lease program putting them to use on the Eastern front. In all, 7,781 Mosquitos in no less than 27 variants were built, 6,710 of which operated in various theaters during the war.

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