Class 66 Cabride +
Venlo to Utrecht

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Railfreight in the Netherlands is changing and changing fast! New operators now compete with the national incumbent Railion.

The first open access company to run revenue earning freight was the Rotterdam based SHORT LINES and with TTR35-1, you have the opportunity to join it for a day's work hauling the oil tanker empties back from Switzerland. For maximum flexibility, SHORT LINES has leased two General Motors: Class 66 locomotives from Portabrook hence the locos are simply known as PB's!

Our journey starts on the Dutch border at Venlo when the HGK MAK locomotive hands over the train to its partner and the 66 can get underway. Without station calls to interrupt our progress, it's amazing how quickly we cover the ground. Utrecht is reached in 90 minutes, not much more than would be required by an IC! Along the way, we have time to discuss the direction railfreight is taking in Holland, and of course point out the places of interest we pass.

In addition to the narration by Phyllis Watts, your SHORT LINES driver, Chris Westerduin, chats away happily in English to your cameraman to give another angle on the run.

Filmed in glorious spring 2003 weather part two takes us through the National Railway Museum, the Amsterdam suburbs, Amsterdam CS and then down to the docks.

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