The GySEV In Hungary

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Welcome to Hungary! This video production follows the fortune of the GySEV, the MÁV and indeed the ÖBB in the west of Hungary; Sopron, Deutschkreutz and Györ and all points between.

Hungary is a fascinating venue for a rail film. A country at the crossroads of Europe with a rail system that is modernising fast and yet retains something of the east European “exotic”!

The GySEV is no minor player. The company, part owned by Austria, part by Hungary and part by the German port of Hamburg is a major league freight carrier.

Sopron is not only a major tourist town it’s also the eastern “hub” for the “Quality Net” Europe wide container network. It’s also the terminal for several RoLa -”piggyback” services from Germany. But the line is best known for its international transit traffic linking Germany with the Balkans, Greece and Turkey.

On our journey, we have time to look at some of the attractions on the way: The Esterházy Palace, Nagycenk-for the mansion and the narrow gauge steam railway, museum and the Neusiedler See.

But it’s the railway that makes the link, we never stray very far from the constant passing of the trains on this main line.

By the time we reach Györ we are in MÁV territory, the EuroCity route from Vienna via Hegyeshalom has joined us and the line is now incredibly busy with international freight and passenger working-to say nothing of the MÁV locals and ICs!

The Video was filmed by Austrian signal Engineer Gerald Masser, it has been digitally edited by FHP Audio Visual in the UK. The English narration is by Phyllis Watts.

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