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One of CP Productions earliest programmes, filmed on VHS with lower-resolution images than the later programmes, this DVD provides an interesting insight into the typical working environment of three of Britain's top tipper trucks in the early 1990s.

The first is an unusually customised Scammell/Multridrive outfit (belonging to Don Bush) transporting various loads from the Mendip quarries, Somerset. This segment provides insight into the life of an independent haulage contractor.

Second, the DVD shows footage of a smart Foden eight wheeler powered by a Perkins 375 engine in the livery of Brian Meader. Brian is an independent driver as well; therefore, his truck is highly customised in order that it should stand apart from other drivers who work the Mendip quarry scene.

The final machine shown is the unique Volvo F16 Ambassador owned by the Maguire brothers. This artic tends to work hauling materials out in the countryside of Gloucester; it is seen loading and hauling agricultural materials.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 53 minutes

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