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Shy Boy: The horse who came in from the Wild continues the story of the little wild mustang that Monty adopted from the BLM which was the subject of the PBS documentary A Real Horse Whisperer. You will fall in love with Shy Boy, America's most famous mustang horse.

Follow Monty as he releases Shy Boy back into the wild. After a year of living with people on a farm, will Shy Boy want to return to the wild or stay with Monty?

Watch a brutal horse-breaker who vows to change his ways after seeing Monty's methods.

Get to know some of Monty and Pat's foster children.

Learn how Monty saved the life of Blushing ET, once America's most dangerous racehorse, to load in the stating gates...

Special Bonus: This DVD version includes the program "How To Use the Dually Schooling Halter." Learn how to properly and safely use Monty's special Dually halter to get positive results from all your training efforts.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes

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