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Have you ever dreamt of keeping a few hens in your garden, conjuring up images of peaceful tranquility in a rural idyll? Wherever you live, even the smallest garden can accomodate a couple of bantams and anyone can experience the delight of collecting eggs fresh from their own hens.

This programme provides an encouraging step by step guide on how to choose, house and care for your flock. It is not about poultry keeping on a large scale but explores the relationship between hens and gardens to the advantage of both.

Francine Raymond has gained a reputation for her philosophy of rearing hens as naturally as possible in her own Suffolk garden. She speaks to other experts on various aspects of hen keeping and leads the viewer through all the stages involved in setting up a system that will allow you to keep your birds happy and contented in whatever space you have available.

Spending even a short part of your day simply standing and watching your hens can be the perfect antidote to a stressful lifestyle and one of the best therapies on offer.

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Running Time: 70 minutes

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