Rochdale Canal

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This walk along the newly opened Rochdale Canal starts in the centre of Manchester, showing the fascinating range of landscapes that can be met as this 'Everest of Canals' rises into the heart of the Pennines at Sowerby Bridge.

It highlights features of industrial archaeology celebrating the fantastic achievements of the original engineers, as well as those involved in the current restoration.

It has live interviews with characters met along the way - lock-keepers, boat builders and lock builders and with those free spirits who have made the canal their home, whose answer to the question 'Where next?' is 'Who knows?'

It depicts the canal as a wildlife corridor, home to a host of plants and animals. Towns and villages along the route are visited and links to other walks are pointed out. Helicopter footage gives a unique view of the canal's pathway through the hills.

It portrays the relaxed nature of towpath walking, in tune with the gentle rhythms of canal life. Above all it celebrates the splendour of boats arriving in swarms from all over the country, crewed by people drinking in the wonderful scenery that this canal's resurrection has made accessible.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes

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