North From Newcastle

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The East Coast Main Line to the north of Newcastle is probably the least known section of the major Anglo-Scottish rail links. With the 124 miles between Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Edinburgh boasting only one major station, Berwick-upon-Tweed, many enthusiasts did not venture north of Newcastle.

Covering primarily the 1930s, 60s and 70s, the programme starts at Newcastle Central Station in 1931, with a wide variety of ex NER locomotives present, continuing to the last decade of steam in the 1960s.

Tyneside's industrial lines are represented by a superb sequence filmed at Backworth Colliery, to the northeast of Newcastle. Film taken in 1965 of the branch lines to Hepscott and Alnwick is complemented by a detailed look at the line to Scotsgap and Woodburn featuring a steam-hauled pick-up goods, together with film of the 'Wansbeck Piper' enthusiast's special that ran to Woodburn in the branch's final days. After viewing Berwick and Tweedmouth the Scottish Border is crossed and the highlight of the programme is reached. Fascinating, and possibly unique, mainly colour sequences shot between 1938 and 1956 feature fully streamlined A4s, North Eastern Atlantics, V2s, a steam railcar and others. Post war footage of D49s, plus an A3 in experimental blue livery is complemented by film of diesel Class 26s and 40s shortly after their introduction.

Approaching journey's end at Edinburgh, views of St. Margaret's depot are followed by fascinating scenes at Waverley Station; with film of ex-NBR locomotives in 1930 contrasting with 1997 footage of the first 'Eurostar' to arrive in Edinburgh!

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