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A Complete Guide For Children Aged 5 to 12.

Presented by Patricia Robinson, who began her fine art training at the age of twelve and went to study in London and Paris before teaching for many years at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. In eight easy and fun to learn tutorials your child, and perhaps you, will be motivated to develop their hand and eye co-ordination to master putting down on paper what they see, the options of colour, perspective, drawing faces and bodies to create pictures that they will be proud of and want to frame.

Tutorial 1 - Let's Learn How To Draw:

  • Designed for the absolute beginner with instruction on how to hold a pencil, using an art board, how to sit, the basic on what to put down on paper as what you see not what you think you see.

Tutorial 2 - Let's Learn How To Use Pastels & Charcoal:

  • Demonstrates how you can fill in drawings with pastels and charcoal. Using simplistic methods of pastel colouring, children can learn the next step towards creating a picture.

Tutorial 3 - Let's Explore Watercolours:

  • Your child plunges into a world of colour as they learn how to mix paints, how to blend and how to put together the concepts learned in the first tutorials and take their first bold steps to creating a picture they are proud of.

Tutorial 4 - Let's Size It Up:

  • All young artists have trouble with perspective but Patricia Robinson's fun and easy to learn rules of distance and the vanishing point will see a further improvement in your child's efforts and paintings.

Tutorial 5 - Let's Draw People`s Faces:

  • Your child will learn the process of drawing realistic and proportioned human face by mapping them out.

Tutorial 6 - Let's Draw Peoples Bodies:

  • Your child will discover how to draw a realistic human body with Patricia Robinson's fun and easy to learn rules and techniques of the discipline of proportions.

Tutorial 7 - Let's Discover Art History & Create Our Own Masterpiece:

  • Watch in wonder as your child, utilising all they learned from their first 6 tutorials, applies them to art throughout all the ages and their own masterpiece, creating a picture they are proud of.

Tutorial 8 - Let's Frame Our Picture:

  • A step by step guide to frame making for children enabling them to proudly display their efforts.

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