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The complex Great Ouse river system, including the River Cam, is the result of a centuries-old three-way battle between millers, the need to drain the fens, and navigators, with the non land-owning navigators usually losing out.

What we have inherited is a unique cruising ground extending over hundreds of miles through some of the most sparsely populated countryside in England. Much of it is below sea level, providing the novel experience of locking down on to it from a tidal river. It provides an opportunity to observe a wonderful variety of wildlife.

But it also passes through some interesting and beautiful towns and villages, with a unique character born of their isolation and a background of Danelaw.

This programme helps you to understand the complexity of the system. It captures that feeling of isolation, and shows you plenty of wildlife. It examines man's historic battle to drain the fens with a look at some massive pumping machinery, and it explores those fascinating towns and villages.

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Running Time: 70 minutes

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