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Land Of Majesty

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The Discover Ireland series is the complete story of the Emerald Isle, drawing together the relationship between events, people and places to capture the rich cultural flavour, sweeping landscapes and unique character of the Ireland that draws millions of visitors every year.

During the course of almost 4 hours, we discover the saints and scholars of the Celts, the majesty of Tara, the origins of St Patrick and St Colmcille, and journey through the hills of Clare following the story of Brian Boru that lead to John Bulls Other Island, to discover the magic of the Blarney Stone, the elegance of Tralee and the magnificence of the Curlew Mountains. The journey back south from Kerry and Connemara to Dublin and Wicklow follows the history of change and independence as the landmark in Time shaped the Ireland we know today.

Marvel at the Giant's Causeway symbolising the emerging divide within Ulster that led to further armed conflict in the North whilst the south draws on Ireland's Celtic heritage for a national identity as De Valer's infant Free State emerged from the bitterness of Civil War, and slowly blossomed to become the green, green grass of home in the culmination of a story of culture and conflict in a land of stunning beauty.

Discover Ireland is your personal culture guide through a truly unique country.

DVD Features include: Discover Irish Folklore - Discover Your Irish Heritage - Discover The Irish Sense Of Humour - Tourist Information

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Running Time: 240 minutes

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