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Seventeen countries entered the team competition with Germany the hot favourites for gold.

After the first day, Germany already had a commanding and they were assured of the top prize after Holland's Anky van Grunsven was unable to post a very high score to put the pressure on the hosts, after Salinero was far from settled in the Grand Prix test. Isabell Werth's second choice ride Satchmo would then match Anty's score of 75%.

Holland once again had to settle for Silver after Edward Gal, last team member to go riding Group 4 Securicor Lingh, failed to show enough power and expression. USA ensured they would go home with a medal after their ever dependable Brentina and Debbie McDonald secured USA's second score over 70% to join team mate Steffan Peters who was the best of the Americans on Floriano with a score of 72.7%.

The best individual score in the Team competition came from Denmark's Andreas Helgstrand riding the brilliant 9 year old mare Blue Hors Matine and this combination would capture the hearts of all who saw them perform during the Games.

Highlights of all the leading tests from the top six teams.

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