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Stephenson's Rocket was still just running when the Ffestiniog received Princess, the first engine in the world to be built for such a narrow gauge. She, and Prince her still working companion, can be seen there today.

The Ffestiniog was at the forefront of 1870s rail technology, employing the revolutionary and now unique Fairlie Articulated engines. They too can be seen today over a hundred years later.

The Ffestiniog has the oldest, newest and largest of the world's 2 foot gauge engines, including the huge Garratts working out of Caernarfon. The railway has just built new a replica of the legendary Taliesin, a locomotive lost in the 1930s.

Ffestiniog Railway Locomotives spans 170 years of railway history. Action shots in the wonderful Snowdonia countryside compliment the informative commentary offering 60 minutes of visually stimulating video shot by Graham Whistler and Gordon Rushton and written and narrated by Gordon Rushton.

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