Fly, Fight, Win

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Never before has so much access been allowed inside a front line Fighter Squandron! At 5 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, they have opened their doors for an unprecedented guided tour of a fully operational Tornado Squadron. O.C. 5 Squadron introduces the Squadron Operating Facility and its NBC warfare provisions. A Tornado pilot walks you around his jet and shows you inside the cockpit, while his navigator explains the Jets complex computer navigation system.

A years worth of training missions are compiled into this tape including action from Cope Thunder, Operation Nomad, Exercise Brilliant Foil and Linked Seas, and 5 Sqn's air-to-air and air-to-ground strafing mission. Plus missile firings including inverted Sky Flash launches.

The 5 Squadron's ground crew are filmed hard at work handling Sky Flash and Sindwinder missiles during an Operation Turn Round (OTR), loading the F3's 27mm Mauser Canon with rounds for a strafing mission, plus we take a look around their Hardened Equipment Shelter and other working areas.

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Running Time: 60 minutes

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