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This ambitious and exciting film about flyfishing in Iceland follows Icelandic local fishermen as they pursue their catch - Arctic Salmon, Sea Trout and Arctic Char.

This is a unique fishing film allowing you to see the different fishing culture of Iceland first hand. Iceland is beautiful and a fish-rich, enchanting setting for fishermen keen to share with you their expertise and experiences. Though the northern summers are short, the fish are plentiful, offering up many unforgettable fights between man and his quarry that are perfectly captured on this exceptional DVD.

The producer Eggert Skulason is the editor of a premier Icelandic fishing magazine called "Veidimadurinn" (The Fisherman). He has been fishing in Iceland for over three decades and has all the skills needed to point out the best places to fish and explain the tactics that work. Eggert is also a veteran producer, having produced over 40 fishing films for the Icelandic market.

Five very different rivers are fished in the film, providing great variety. Among them is the big river Hofsa, visited by Prince Charles for many years, and a small but beautiful river in an isolated fjord that gets invaded by artic char every summer. The film cotains some stunning underwater footage including a big Char chasing and eventually catching the fly.

This is an enchanting and essential DVD for any fly-fisherman interested in the experience of fishing unspoilt rivers. This DVD also includes maps of the locations fished in the programme.

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Region: 0
Running Time: 67 minutes

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