Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

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Climb on to the footplate of Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 'Ironclad' Locomotive No. 957 and take a journey back to the nineteenth century.

Enjoy a dramatic steam excursion down the five mile length of The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - a line familiar to millions as the backdrop to the film The Railway Children.

Join Driver Richard McArdle and Fireman Mike Stevens as they coax one of the country's oldest working locomotives up the gradients between Keighley and Oxenhope.

With a running commentary as they work, the crew of No. 957 share their enthusiasm for the engine... and a line they've come to love.

They're pulling some historic coaches, too - operated by The Vintage Carriages Trust on a rare trip out from The Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow West.

There's a fascinating profile of the 1887 locomotive featuring David Pearson - a Trustee of The Bowers 957 Trust, the Charity that owns the engine - and an introduction to the route that includes exciting aerial shots of the line.

From dark satanic mills to gently rolling countryside, it's a journey packed with variety... and a must for everyone who loves steam and Yorkshire's Bronte country.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 45 minutes


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