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The RH&DR is unique as the biggest and best train set in the world. This DVD displays its delicious charms to the full. The railway's unusual origins are explained and its colourful miniature locomotives are each presented with a variety of action shots. You take a place at the driver's side to enjoy the elating feeling of speed as the tiny train cruises across the marshes at over 20 mph on rails only 15 inches apart.

The RH&DR was conceived in the 1920s as a very special plaything and has survived in wonderful order. It was built over a route nearly 14 miles in length, as the world's only main line in miniature.

This DVD invites you to share in its rare delights, it was shot over the famous Gala time, when special things happen and all the Romney engines are shown together.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 60 minutes  

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