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There are over 200 different packs of Foxhounds and Harriers in Great Britain today. Many packs were established hundreds of years ago. In most cases, they have been bred to suit the requirements of their individual type of county.

This DVD looks at six different types which make up these breeds. The specialist narration has been given by the late Captain R.E. Wallace.

Captain Wallace needs no introduction to those in hunting, having been the outstanding name in Foxhunting for many years. He was chairman of the MFHA for 22 years and has hunted no less than 9 packs of hounds.

On this DVD, Captain Wallace looks at:

  • Old English Foxhound
  • Modern Foxhound
  • Fell Hound
  • Welsh Hound
  • West Country Harrier
  • Stud Book Harrier

Descriptions are given of the breeding and style of each type of hound or harrier and the difference in their hunting environment, followed by a hunting sequence from each pack.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 90 minutes

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