Volume 20
York & District

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In addition to looking at the trains that operated on the East Coast Main Line, we also look at the unusual railway scenes in and around York. These include the sugar beet factory's locomotive at Poppleton and the unloading of Billy Smart's Circus train at Holgate cattle dock.

We look at the inside of the roundhouse locomotive depot, the workshop, shunting at the civil engineers' yards, both at Leeman Road and Skelton New Yard and see some of the many arrivals and departures at both the north and south ends of the station. The almost non-stop procession of freight and passenger traffic is filmed from the vantage point of the old excursion platforms, plus 1957 views at Church Fenton, the Junction of the Leeds and Sheffield lines, 11 miles from York.

Locomotive classes include:- A1s, A2s, A4s, B1s, B16s, D49s, K1s, K3s, O1s, O2s, O4s, Q6s, V2s, Jubilees, Crabs, Class 5s and 8Fs. B.R. Standard Classes, Merchant Navy and early diesels.

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Running Time: 59 minutes

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