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The Lickey Incline

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The Incline's fame is due not only to the severity of the gradient – over 2 miles at 1 in 37.5 – but also that it is on a main line and, even at the turn of the century, more than 120 trains per day were using this route linking Birmingham and Gloucester. The gradient, with Bromsgrove at the foot and Blackwell at the top, takes its name from the surrounding Lickey Hills and posed particular problems during the steam era when extensive banking of northbound trains were required.

Our journey begins at Stourbridge with a steam-hauled 'Carpet Special' in the station plus views of the climb from the Town Goods Yard to the junction that was almost as steep as the Lickey Incline! Next, we visit Kidderminster, with Class 08 and 8F gravity shunting the once extensive yards.

At Worcester, the practice of combining the Hereford and Worcester portions of Paddington expresses is seen, along with views of an industrial narrow-gauge line on the banks of the River Avon. At Ashchurch Junction, main line expresses speed through as the Tewkesbury Branch train engine, a Midland Railway 3F, shunts its solitary coach.

The Lickey Incline poses few challenges to modern diesel traction, but in this programme – filmed between 1960 and 1966 – the most modern locomotives seen are British Railways Type 3 and 4 bdiesel designs! However, the banking of all but the lightest of trains is why the Lickey Incline was fascinating and a range of steam classes, from the humble Jinty to the mighty 9F, are seen carrying out this arduous work.

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