Story Of The Pea Harvester

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This third instalment into the fascinating world of harvesters looks at the previously untold story of Britain's favourite vegetable – the humble Pea and its journey between pod and plate.

We take a slightly different approach in this programme and follow the Anglian Pea Growers and their entourage, who manage to keep the peas flowing despite such difficult weather conditions in 2007.

Archive and contemporary footage takes us from arduous hand picking, to the first mechanised pea cutters and loaders and shows machines from FMC, Ploeger, Mather & Platt and Shelbourne Reynolds, culminating in the latest impressive six-wheeled harvesters built by PMC.

Mighty oaks may grow from little acorns but the humble pea demands the attentions of some seriously magnificent machines to ensure its safe and timely passage to our dinner table, so whilst chasing that elusive pea around the plate, spare a thought for those giants - the Monsters of the Pea Fields.

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Region: 2
Running Time: 150 minutes
Release Date: 22/08/08

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