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The 89th Mullahead and District Annual Match was blessed with almost perfect weather and ground conditions. The event is promoted as a family day out and they weren't wrong, there was something for everyone. This DVD takes a look at the tractors and ploughs being used in the Vintage ploughing classes, including a Bristol crawler and a Doe Triple-D. A short section of the World Class is also included.

The real 'crowd-puller' at Mullahead has to be the tractor pulling. The Irish Tractor Pulling Club ran a superbly organised competition with Peter Love, editor of 'Tractor and Machinery', keeping the large crowd fully informed as to what was going on.

The Pro-Stock tractors provided plenty of smoke and noise as they travelled up the track with their front wheels in the air. Local farmers and contractors were invited to bring along their standard farm tractors to compete against their neighbours. This proved to be very entertaining, with the crowd cheering or jeering depending on the colour of the tractor.

If you have never been to Mullahead, then this DVD will show you why you should make the effort.

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Running Time: 60 minutes

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