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Relive the glory days of Britain's railways in this exclusive 3 disc collection from Reader's Digest:

LONDON AND THE SOUTH: RAILWAY MANIA: Since Britain invented the railways in the early 1800s it has been an innovation with a huge impact on people's lives worldwide. Discover how the invention spread through the South of England, transforming the capital.

THE NORTH: THE BIRTH OF RAILWAYS: Discover remnants of early railroads in County Durham's countryside, and traces of the world's first public railway in Darlington. Take a steam-hauled special through the North Yorkshire Moors on one of Britain's earliest railways, now restored as a heritage line.

SCOTLAND AND WALES: REMOTE RAILWAYS: Head to Britain's most remote and spectacular railways...those most at risk from Dr Beeching's axe. Search for traces of Queen Victoria's long-lost line in the Scottish Highlands and climb aboard a steam-hauled special on the West Highland Line.

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3 DVDset
Region: 2
Running Time: 180 mins

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