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Disc 1: WATERLOO SUNSET: The Southern Region's last steam-worked main lines from Waterloo to Salisbury and Weymouth are recalled on this all-colour programme which features cine film made between 1958 and 1967 by John Laird, Brian Robbins and Geoff Todd.

Disc 2: RAILS IN THE ISLE OF WIGHT: Island railways have a particular fascination, none more so than those on the Isle of Wight. In this programme, produced from films made by railway enthusiasts who visited the island from the 1950s to the present day, we present aspects of the changing face of the island's railways over the last forty years.

Disc 3: VINTAGE SOUTHERN: For anyone interested in the Southern this DVD provides a delightful miscellany covering many aspects of railway activity in the south east of England over a 40 year period. Southern fans will not be disappointed by this enthralling programme.

Disc 4: FROM BEWDLEY TO BLAENAU: From Bewdley to Blaenau will revive memories for those who knew these lines and for those who did not have the chance to explore them before they closed, and it will help to explain why these long closed railways are still remembered with such affection by those who travelled on them in their heyday.

Disc 5: BRITISH NARROW GAUGE MISCELLANY: Exploring both well known and almost forgotten narrow gauge byways throughout Britain, from the west of Scotland to the south coast of England, not forgetting the Isle of Man, will be a delight for all of those interested in the narrow gauge and minor railways of Britain.

Disc 6: STEAM IN THE MIDLANDS: Steam in the Midlands sets out to offer a real feel of what it was like to observe the busy railway network of the Midlands in the last decade of steam operations. Not surprisingly, in an era renowned for its heavy industry, freight workings and locomotives designed for heavy goods duties, play a prominent role in the proceedings.

Disc 7: CHANNEL TUNNEL TRAINS: Few projects have stirred the imagination as much as the building of the Channel Tunnel. Eurotunnel employed camera crews to film every stage of the work as it progressed. It is from this largely unseen Eurotunnel archive that much of this programme has been made.

Disc 8: ENGLISH BRANCH LINES & BYWAYS: Branch lines and secondary routes have always had a special appeal. This programme recalls many such English byways in films made in the 1950s and 60s. A must watch for all connoisseurs of minor railways.

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